At HZPC, there is a huge focus on product development. We expend a lot of energy on the introduction of our varieties, with knowledge about the international markets and well thought out marketing. We promote the potato as a fantastic source of vitamins. It is coming decades, it will be a huge challenge to ensure the potato is allocated a more prominent place on menus.

‘We want to position potatoes as ’personal life food’ for the consumer’


The new variety La Vie is a luxury potato developed for flavour,
which has been well-received in the market.

Fries and crisps

Across the world, convenience food is booming. The number of fast-food restaurants in India and China is growing incredibly quickly. It is almost impossible to fulfil the demand from the processing industry for potatoes for fries and crisps. HZPC supplies the best varieties in this sector.

Multi-coloured ‘creamers’

HZPC also likes to capitalise on trends within the food sector. In North America, we identified a rapidly changing consumer market a few years ago, with a substantial focus on Millenials and Generation Z. The strong, trendy food-service sales channel is of huge importance.

HZPC’s creamers.

‘Personal life food’

Food-pairing is an important development in this context. Herman Verveld, Director of the Strategic Business Development Area explains: ‘Potatoes are often regarded as a bulk product but we want to position them as ‘personal life food’ or ‘tailormade food’ with respect to the customer. We want to pair potatoes with other meals that match your lifestyle or personal diet.’

You have to set yourself apart in the North American market, This is realised by means of health (nutritional value), enjoyment (flavour), variation, convenience and pleasure. HZPC is introducing new packaging and coming up with contemporary applications for potatoes in meals. Specialities, such as ‘creamers’ and coloured potatoes are popular examples.

Fries4All with brand Leon&León

People love fries but they also want to eat healthily. HZPC is capitalising on this trend with Fries4All. As a result of the drought in Europe, the large-scale introduction was delayed last year. The new harvest of potatoes is currently growing so the scenario for introduction in the coming season is looking good. It will all be kicked-off by a restaurant chain in North America and will then be followed up in Europe.

• Healthier French fries
• 30% reduction in calories
• 40% reduction in carbohydrates
• 30% reduction in fat
• Prepared via air-frying technique
• Suitable for ‘at home’ as well as ‘out of home’ consumption


The new potato meal Woksi, developed by HZPC with Kiremko, capitalises on the needs of the modern consumer. In line with planning, the ‘potato pasta’ will be sold by multiple companies throughout Europe from 2020.

• Nice, healthy, easy, fun, varied
• Alternative for pasta, rice and noodles
• Can be prepared in a wok or used in cold salads