Dear shareholders, growers, clients and employees,

HZPC wants to grow and flourish. But we can’t do this alone. Across the world, we find ourselves at the centre of society. We grow together with our partners We plant together and we harvest together. We quite literally see this reflected in our new positioning, which puts the spotlight on the ‘keeps you growing’ ethos.

2018/2019 was an exceptional year. And not just for us, but for a large part of the potato sector. In the Netherlands and across Europe, we faced an extremely dry summer. The yields in terms of tonnage were significantly lower than usual.

As market leader, HZPC carefully sought out the right prices during the season. We were also successful in marketing nearly all of the harvest as seed potatoes. The majority of our growers ultimately received high financial rewards, despite the lower yields in the field.

“I believe in growth. Just like a healthy potato plant, a company and its people must continue to develop. Growing and flourishing”


For their efforts, both the growers and employees of HZPC have earned high praise indeed. We would also like to thank the customers for their understanding that the desired quality and quantity cannot always be delivered.

Worldwide, there was a range of different circumstances and developments. With our expertise in the markets, we capitalised on these. HZPC Holding realised record net turnover of 347.9 million Euro and a fantastic operating result of 13.7 million Euro.

HZPC is sticking to its strategic pathway. Product and market development are strengthening our position and that of our growers and customers. Partnership is the abiding principle for HZPC. We aim to stand alongside our growers and customers.

‘I am proud of HZPC’

Our vision and mission encompass our aim to support healthy food for all people across the globe, even in regions where climatic conditions are challenging and countries are at war.

I am proud of HZPC.
I would like to thank our employees, worldwide, for their efforts in the past year. I would also like to thank all of our partners, growers and customers for putting their faith in us.


Kind regards,

Gerard Backx,