HZPC strives for growth. This is not just about creating more volume and higher turnover. It also involves the development of quality, creativity, innovation and social values. We want to be an important link in the overall chain and strive towards growth for all of our partners. That’s why our slogan is: ‘HZPC keeps you growing’.

HZPC is an amazing and very special company. We are researchers looking for the best, most sustainable potato varieties. We innovate and have a great deal of knowledge in-house, which we love to share with our partners: growers, breeders, processors, packers, retailers, wholesalers, caterers and consumers. We aim to stand alongside our partners and to listen and inspire one another. We do this by offering optimum services and supporting our customers and growers across the world.

“Partnership: we work together, they grow”
Alverstone Russet has been accepted by McDonald’s in Europa as a variety for its fries.



HZPC not only focuses on its core business, i.e. seed potatoes. We also have a wide range of knowledge and creativity which we offer to our partners. We develop and use equipment and sensors in our research and trial fields. Our subsidiary, Solentum, takes these devices to market so that our growers can also use them to monitor the quality of potatoes during growth and storage. We also make equipment for the purposes of quality control in the processing industry This is our way of supporting our partners in the chain.

The start-up phase with Solentum was exciting and some products required a little fine-tuning. We have now introduced new releases for the Sol Grader, which forecasts yields for the varieties, and the Sol Antenna, which gathers information during storage. The corresponding SolDataPlatform has also been launched. Sales of Solentum products have lagged somewhat behind over the past year. There is, however, international demand for products and sales expectations for the coming year are high. We will, of course, continue to work on new inventions and technologies for the sector.

Preferred supplier

STET works with very large customers in the processing industry. World-players such as Farm Frites in Egypt, for example. There, the company largely focuses (90%) on the Santana variety. Over the past few years, we have struggled to fulfil the substantial and rapidly increasing demand. That is why STET has developed a special partnership with Farm Frites. The company is not only supplied with seed potatoes, but may also now propagate our mini-tubers under licence.

The biggest crisps producer in the world, PepsiCo, has now recognised STET as a preferred supplier. The producer of A-brands such as Lays, will now have worldwide, exclusive rights to the supply of seed potatoes for our varieties VR808 and VR909. These varieties have now become the norm in the crisps industry. PepsiCo will also be involved in the development of new crisp varieties at a much earlier stage.

‘We serve global players such as PepsiCo and Farm Frites. With a few of our varieties, we have acquired the position of preferred supplier with these customers’


Hyper Spectral Camera

HZPC is offering Challenger growers the opportunity to monitor their plots with a Hyper Spectral Camera. This measures the dry matter content distribution in the potatoes.

Growers can then estimate how much they can store and for how long. It is a service which allows growers to get the very best out of our varieties.