HZPC aims to contribute towards sustainable, responsible food provision for the growing global population. Social values are just as important to us as the company’s economic interests.

Corporate social responsibility

HZPC is at home across the world, among people. Our organisation and employees are very much part of society. We believe in human values, society, communities and the environment. Our seed potatoes are grown as sustainable as possible. HZPC develops varieties that offer high yields for growers in a wide range of climatic conditions.

Sababa has the ultimate yield in the traditional markets.

Good work environment

HZPC’s varieties are strong and resistant to many diseases. We try to keep the use of crop protection agents to a minimum, thus reducing the burden on the environment. Also, in comparison to other crops, potatoes require relatively little water.

HZPC also places great importance on good and healthy employment conditions. We do our best to combat child labour throughout the entire potato chain.

App and video for growers in developing countries

HZPC supports its growers across the globe. Even smaller growers in countries such as Africa and Asia benefit from partnerships. Over the past year, HZPC has developed an app that they can consult. This allows us to share expertise which can also help smaller growers to increase their yields. The app offers practical information and advice, such as explaining the best times for planting, and noting which varieties are suitable for particular soils. Advice is also provided about fertilisation, crop protection agents and irrigation.

Caring for the population, even in war zones

The social responsibilities for food producers such as HZPC must be taken very seriously. CEO Gerard Backx: ‘Potatoes are a staple. That is why we supply areas that are politically unstable or even countries that are at war. We also like to do our bit to keep agriculture on the right track.’

HZPC would also like to make a difference in Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. This is a social drive, according to Backx. ‘It is certainly a challenge because pressure is often brought to bear on us, or we have to take financial risks. However, we are happy to take this responsibility seriously. After all, even in countries which are at war, people have to live their lives. And they need food.’

Proud of our people: empowerment

HZPC Keeps you growing. This also applies to our employees. They are given freedom and opportunities and are always encouraged to develop. The HZPC Academy is an online learning platform which can be accessed freely. Lesson materials can also be obtained via this platform.

There are combinations of online learning and individual or group courses. Empowerment means that every individual can take control of their own development. In order to expand this sense of empowerment, the ‘House of workability’ was introduced this year.

This is a consultation method which enables each employee to draft a plan which focuses on his/her employability both now and in the future. Empowerment within HZPC is also clear in the opportunities which are offered to all.

We believe that initiative and entrepreneurship is most effectively developed if people are able to manage their own roles. A clear pathway is one of the prerequisites. A great deal of energy is therefore expended on developing and communicating strategies and creating collective goals.

The numbers of employees have grown in line with business activities. This increase is expected to keep pace with the growth of the organisation as a whole.