Strategic Business Area Europe (SBAE)


Lilian Escalon, director SBAE: ‘After last year, the expectations for 2017/2018 were high at SBAE. The excellent harvest of ware potatoes, however, led to prices dipping significantly after the summer and the market becoming trickier.'

'The continuing success of our best-sellers proves that the selection of varieties leads to effective market introduction'
Lilian Escalon, Director SBAE

'Thereafter, the end of the growing season was exceptionally wet, as was the harvesting period for seed potatoes. In Northwest Europe, where the centre of our production lies, the availability of seed potatoes was delayed, resulting in some of the demand for early varieties being unfulfilled. We also had to cope with much larger seed potatoes.

These conditions costs us around 10,000 tons in the Traditional sector. The Retail Fresh sector in Europe also saw limited demand. This setback had to be made up over the rest of the year. We succeeded in this by, among other things, preparing and supplying huge quantities of seed potatoes in a very short time and selling more to countries with a later market.

In terms of volume, turnover reduced by just 1.3% compared to our record year last year. Partly due to the careful monitoring of costs, we have been reasonably successful in realising our financial aims.

Despite a fierce headwind, SBAE has shown incredible control in its performance over the past year. The results also prove, once again, that HZPC has an extremely robust name. There is always a demand for our varieties and our high quality seed potatoes.’


SBAE is performing exceptionally well in Russia.

  • Sales have almost doubled
  • Great prices
  • Demand from new French fries factory Belaya Dacha/LambWeston



Southern European countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy increasingly import their ware potatoes from Northern Europe. As a result, the demand from this region for seed potatoes has decreased significantly over the past year.




‘Sometimes, I think that a specific variety has reached its zenith. But Innovator, a fantastic potato for French fries, just keeps on developing.’



‘The market for fresh ware potatoes is declining very slightly but our market share continues to grow. Colomba is a best-seller. In the past year, HZPC has sold 25,000 tons of seed potatoes for this variety.’



A new ‘rising star’ is...


In 2018, HZPC began a campaign for retail and consumers. The dark-yellow fleshy potato has a robust flavour and is ideal for the home kitchen.