STET Holland


Peter Ton, Director STET: ‘STET HOLLAND has had a great year. We were able to realise a very satisfying operating result that is comparable to our fantastic year last year, or even better.'

‘STET aims to excel in operational excellence’
Peter Ton, Director STET

'We were unfortunately unsuccessful in selling all of our volume as seed potatoes. Around 10% ended up as a different, less profitable product. We are determined to do better next year.

2017/2018 was a great year, but it wasn’t an easy year. Demand for seed potatoes was notably lower in Southern Europe and the UK. Prices across Europe were notably lower than in other years. We were, however, able to offset this in countries such as North America and Asia. STET did well on the international markets due to huge commercial efforts and thanks to effective collaboration between our growers and logistics.

As a company, we steered a steady course. After an integration process following the acquisition of the seed potato activities of trading hub KWS Potato, last year gave us an opportunity to streamline our team and focus on strategies. We are now concentrating on the things we do well. Across the world, STET is targeting the major players in the processing industry. We are particularly strong in the crisps sector and have the best potato varieties in the portfolio. We have an intensive collaboration with large, renowned manufacturers of A-brand crisps.

STET aims to excel in ‘operational excellence’. We distinguish ourselves via the quality of our varieties, the quality of our seed potatoes and the quality of our service.’



  • Successful integration
  • Now is the time for fine-tuning
  • Strategic choices


  • Genetics
  • Quality seed potatoes
  • Service





  • VR 808 = the standard
  • Collaboration with A-brands
  • Growth of 10% per year




CRISPS   SH CH 909, 913, 1001, 1010


FRESH   Tyson about to break through

  • Lovely clear skin
  • Easy to wash



  • Light flesh colour
  • Cream
  • Quick service restaurants