HZPC’s mission

Our company applies its vision and mission rigorously. HZPC stimulates the development of responsible food for the global population. We feel we have a social duty to make the best quality seed potatoes available to all people in all corners of the world.

‘Calm and stability is only an option when there is no hunger’
Gerard Backx, CEO

We don’t only do this from the perspective of our own economic interests and to ensure healthy operations, but also because we are convinced that the potato is a fantastic and important crop. It offers huge nutritional value and its cultivation requires relatively low water consumption. Potatoes are easy to grow, even for the small home-grower. This includes a huge number of individuals across the globe. Giving them access to better potato varieties can significantly improve production. This, in turn, contributes towards reducing food shortages and hunger.

Our company has a mission: HZPC stimulates the development of responsible food for the global population. Together with our growers, producers and consumers, we are committed to improving research and the cultivation and usage of potatoes all around the world. That is why we continuously work on the development of efficient varieties that are adapted to different uses, climates and growing conditions.

Potatoes can cope with and thrive in almost any soil and under any climatic conditions. HZPC is convinced that potatoes can offer a significant contribution towards feeding the world’s growing population.



It is no easy task, but HZPC would nevertheless like to continue to supply seed potatoes to areas where access is hindered by wars and political upheaval. This is currently the case in Yemen and Syria, for example. By maintaining food production and stocks, we can offer our support to the people in these areas. Without sufficient food, a reasonable solution will never be found in war-torn countries.

HZPC also aims to supply potatoes that are hard to access due to logistical or phytosanitary barriers. Many of the 19 million hectares used for potatoes across the world are located in Asian and African countries that are often difficult to access. If we are able to supply top quality seed potatoes for the most suitable varieties, we are making a clear contribution to supporting food production in the relevant countries. This production is extremely important to many people.