Human Resources


Koenraad Witteveen, HR manager: ‘HZPC is developing rapidly. The commitment of our people and their expertise and experience mean we can cope with change. Among other things, development takes the form of dozens of new colleagues who joined us in 2017/2018. This also illustrates HZPC’s far-reaching ambitions.’

‘Future-proofing the company and what is necessary to achieve this in terms of people, is a key demand for HR’
Koenraad Witteveen, HR manager

‘Expansion takes in a broad range of different roles. It involves new job descriptions that we’ve not had previously. Research remains an important lifeline and we will therefore continue to invest in people who can develop and apply (new) techniques. It demonstrates that, as a company, we continue to adapt and enrich the business with additional expertise and know-how.

Looking to the future and making plans is how we work on our ambitions. These plans are made at both company and departmental level and determine the path we will follow in
the coming years. This glimpse into the future is the basis upon which we seek out additional qualities for our teams. In the past five years, we have focused on both strengthening our core activities and on reinforcing the roles which support these (IT, Marketing, HR, Finance, Communication).

In the coming five years, we will continue to invest on both fronts within our teams. The expansion opportunities in the market and the increasing complexity of our environment (national and international laws and regulations) mean this is vital.’


  • Total of 345 fte
  • 17 FTE growth in 2017/2018
  • Growth in new roles
  • Auxiliary roles
  • R&D



  • Roll-out of ERP system
  • Implementation in the coming years





  • Successful recruitment process
  • International
  • Appealing image
  • Values: philosophy, mission




  • Offering perspective
  • Talent pool
  • Employee experience
  • Learning organisation
  • Change



‘Over the past year, much energy and manpower has been devoted to preparing for the new, organisation-wide ICT-systems, so-called enterprise resource planning (ERP). A project team, together with colleagues who are using the ICT systems already in their day-to-day tasks, have inventoried all of the relevant processes. This then forms the basis for ensuring that the ICT systems and processes connect with each other effectively.

The implementation of ERP will take place in the coming years and will have a huge impact on the organisation. We can assume that cooperation and connections in our complex, international business will improve as a result, as will the service we provide to our customers, growers and buyers. In the first phase, after the implementation of the ERP system, it will be a case of ‘all hands on deck’. This will enable the transition from one system to the other to go as smoothly as possible. We know that we can rely upon the input and efforts of our people.

It is very clear to us that, in a competitive labour market, we always seem to be successful in recruiting employees even though we place the bar very high and have extremely specific job profiles. Our recruitment strategy is clearly working well. We have also noticed during the acquisition process that the philosophy of our company, its mission and values, have broad appeal. The positive image and company culture help us in the labour market and keep our staff interested and committed.’