Corporate governance & personal details

HZPC Holding is a two-tier board company with an Executive Board and an independent Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board appoints the members of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board keeps the Supervisory Board up-to-date with the overall state of play, discusses all of the important issues with them and asks for the Supervisory Board’s approval of all significant decisions. The Strategic Business Area Europe, the Strategic Business Development Area, STET Holland, IPR and Research & Development are managed by the Executive Committee.

‘Increasing efficiency and innovation enable auxiliary services to provide a great deal of added value to the business’
Jordan van Vilsteren, Chief Financial Officer



The Supervisory Board supervises and monitors the policy of the Executive Board and the day-to-day operations and advises the Executive Board. The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) upon recommendation by the Supervisory Board.

The General Meeting of Shareholders is convened by the Board of the ’Vereniging HZPC’ (HZPC Association), which holds 100% of the shares. The articles of association governing the company set out the General Assembly of Shareholders’ authoritative powers. In addition, the Executive Board must present specific decisions to the General Meeting of Shareholders for approval.

The HZPC Association has certified all the shares. Only (former) growers, (former) breeders and (former) members of staff may purchase and hold certificates. This makes HZPC Holding, quite literally, a company of growers, breeders and employees who all have a voice in the direction of the company. They finance the business with risk capital. Certificate holders can become members of the HZPC Association.

The general members’ meeting of the HZPC Association elects and nominates the Board. The management of the Association requires approval of the members for a number of decisions taken.

Personal details of the management structure as of 30 June 2018




M.J. Ubbens, Chairman Groningen
C.J. Biemond Godlinze
M. Kester Bussum
E. Kraaijenzank Jistrum
W. Sinnema Arum





Executive Board

G.F.J. Backx Chief Executive Officer
H. Verveld Chief Commercial Officer
J.L. van Vilsteren Chief Financial Officer

Executive Committee

G.F.J. Backx Chief Executive Officer
L. Escalon Director SBA Europe B.V.
R.P. Graveland Director HZPC Research B.V. and IPR B.V.
H. Verveld Chief Commercial Officer SBDA B.V.
J.L. van Vilsteren Chief Financial Officer

Participating Interests

IPR B.V. R.P. Graveland
HZPC SBA Europe B.V. L. Escalon
HZPC SBDA B.V. H. Verveld
HZPC Research B.V. R.P. Graveland
Stet Holland B.V. P.C. Ton






L. Escalon Director SBA Europe B.V.

Management of participating interests

HZPC Deutschland GmbH R. Möller
HZPC France SAS C. Gauchet
HZPC Holland B.V. L. Escalon
Bonna Terra B.V. L. Escalon
HZPC Kantaperuna OY M. Kauppinen
HZPC Patatas España S.L. J. Luis Marti
HZPC Polska Sp. z.o.o. T. Jardzioch
HZPC Portugal Lda P. Simoes
HZPC Sadokas Oy L. Escalon
HZPC UK Ltd. C.R. Baker
ZOS B.V. R. Woudwijk

HZPC Holland B.V. Works Council

G. Bloembergen, Chairman Groningen
E. van Schaik, Vice Chairman Stiens
L. Gommers, Secretary Espel
B. Borkhuis Marum
W. Meijer Gytsjerk
E. Meinsma Leeuwarden
T. van der Wal Franeker





H. Verveld Chief Commercial Officer

Management of participating interests

Solentum B.V. A. Hintikka
HZPC América Latina S.A. I. Ramallo
HZPC Americas Corp. F.M. Koops
HZPC Limited H. Verveld
HZPC China Limited H. Verveld





P. Ton Director STET Holland B.V.

Management of participating interests

STET Potato UK P. Hewett
STET France Arl. T. Rondeaux
STET Russia AO. P.C. Ton, S. Voychik


The company has not set a specific goal to appoint women to Board roles or other positions. It does, however, aim to realise greater diversity in this context.